Terms and Conditions

  1. Trauma Nursing Limited hereafter called 'TNL', will administer and deliver the content of the Trauma Nursing Core Course, hereafter known as 'TNCC'.
  2. Educational copyright of the course and course material is declared, and solely owned by the Emergency Nurses Association of the USA. Reproduction is strictly prohibited, and TNL has sole franchised authority for its dissemination in the United Kingdom.
    1. The course content will be delivered by verified, experienced instructors and instructor candidates under supervision.
      1. TNL will monitor and quality control its agents, their lecture content and the TNCC course.
  3. The taught content of the course will commence on the date specified in the letter of offer. The TNCC course will be organised as direct educational study over either two day study blocks or two and a half study day blocks.
    1. Postponement of the course will be at the discretion of TNL.
      1. Recommencement of a postponed course will be determined by TNL
    2. Candidates will be examined by verified TNCC instructors or instructor candidates under supervision. The examination process is set by ENA and the decision of the Course Director, in consultation of the faculty, is final.
  4. TNL will be responsible for identification of a suitable educational environment for delivery of the course with the assistance of a local co-ordinator.
  5. Course costs:
    1. The cost of the course is dependant upon venue and location. VAT will be charged at the current rate.
    2. Payment is due 14 days net on receipt of these terms and conditions to secure a place on the course
    3. Late payment fee at a rate of 2% per calendar month (or part of), above the base rate of interest accrued on the full course cost, will be incurred until full payment is received.
      1. TNL reserves the right to commission the services of debt recovery agencies to administer late payment fees and instigate legal proceedings for the recovery of debts.
      2. All fees incurred by TNL in the recovery of debts will be recoverable from the individual identified below.
    4. Cancellation or non-attendance fees:
      1. Candidates may cancel a course in writing only. The following fees will apply:
        1. Up to six weeks prior to commencement of the course, the candidate will be refunded the total course fee.
        2. Between six and three weeks prior to commencement of the course, the individual will be liable for payment of 50% of the total course fee.
        3. Less than three weeks prior to commencement of the course, the individual will be liable for payment of 100% of the total course fee.
  6. TNL will use its experience, care and skill in the delivery of the course to the best of its ability.
  7. No responsibility is declared for the actions of course candidates in the performance of clinical duties as a result of undertaking the TNCC course. The contractual obligations of the employer/employee are outwith the authority of TNL and candidates are advised to discuss any changes to clinical practice with their employer.
  8. It is expected that candidates who attend the TNCC course will fully participate in the practical teaching sessions and scenarios. It will be your responsibility to highlight to the course director any constraints or conditions that may adversely affect your ability to participate in such a manner.